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We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Chao Foundation website, which we hope will provide a cleaner interface for people to learn more about us through.

On the new website, you can easily find descriptions of all of our programs - those we run ourselves, and those that we work on through affiliates - and easily find the individual websites or project pages for those programs.

Another advantage of our new site, is that it allows users to easily submit information to us online. Send us a request for more info, or ask any other questions you may have through the "Contact Us" page. If you're interested in submitting your proposal for grant funding, you can do that online as well through our new "Apply for a Grant" page. Before sending us your proposal, you can also easily review the grant application deadlines, as well as eligibility and proposal writing guidelines.

Chao Foundation has a number of exciting projects underway and we hope that the new, cleaner website will better showcase some of our efforts at home and abroad. We also hope it will keep everybody better updated on Chao Foundation news and events. To take a look at the new site, please visit us at We look forward to your visit!

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