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Send Christmas Cards to Children Recovering from Congenital Heart Disease


Since everyone is writing Christmas cards to their loved ones, we thought it would be wonderful to have christmas cards written to the children with congenital heart disease each year and even a penpal program next year.


We have 89 children cured of congenital heart disease and plan to keep a strong relationship with these children for as long as possible. We also plan to have summer camps and many different projects for them in the future.  We hope they will give back to their local communities in the future.


Please pick a child or a few to make Christmas Cards. Email the # of the child you are writing cards for so we can keep track of those who still need cards. Language barrier is also an issue.  Letters and Cards can be hand written or electronic.  We have a group of translators to translate these cards to Chinese, and we will attach these translations to the cards. Vice versa.


Please send your cards to 上海市闸北区芷江中路531弄10号402室乙 and ecards/eletters to




This year (2009), Project Little Red Scarf (小紅巾)  plans to support heart surgery for hundreds of children in Gansu, China. Surgery cost per child is around $4000 or more. $30 USD can provide needed nutrition for one child for a month following heart surgery. Your support of nutrition money can ensure proper recovery of these children who are from very poor families.  Or, you can donate to the general fund to cover the heart surgery cost and help save hundreds of children's lives in Gansu, China.


小紅巾計劃2009年將資助 選自全甘肅省最貧窮家庭的 一百位孩子。每位孩子的手術費大約 4000 多美金。手術後一個月的營養費大約 30 元美金。


Donation Information

Organization Name:
Ping & Amy Chao Family Foundation
CCHC ( 角聲)
Project Name:
Little Red Scarf (小紅巾 )
Contact Info:
How to Donate:
支票抬頭請寫 : 

CCHC - 小紅巾/營養費


CCHC - 小紅巾/手術費

並請注明捐贈者姓名地址,再寄到下列地址 :
48 Allen St. New York, NY 10002

謝謝 !
Please write check payable to : 

"CCHC - little red scarf (nutrition)" , or

"CCHC - little red scarf (surgery)" 

Please include you name and address and mail your check to the following address:
48 Allen St. New York, NY 10002

Thank you !
Due Date:
Gansu ( 甘肅) China


The bread is the food parents bring for their children after surgery. The muddy water is the family's only source of drinking water.
"This reminds me of the scene in the hospital, they dip the dry bread with water and then use only this for after-surgery nutrition for the children to eat." --Amy Chao

Click on the links below to read more blogs about visits to the family of the children who received heart surgery:

  1. Little Red Scarf Project Site Visit 參訪小紅巾計劃  by Amy Chao
  2. Little Red Scarf Project Site Visit(2)參訪小紅巾計劃 (續)  by Amy Chao
  3. A Life Changed: Heart Surgery Recovery - Little Red Scarf 歹栋栋的手术康复-小红巾   by Dr. Kai Min
  4. Little Red Scarf (Continued) 小红巾在继续  by Dr. Kai Min

Children with Congenital Heart Defects After Surgery.

These are photos of children with congenital heart defects after surgery from Project Little Red Scarf.

Please help change the lives of these children.

Find out more information by click on Project Little Red Scarf.


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can i still submit now? even though it's already after the 25th already =s
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they look brave and calm...