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[ Little Red Scarf Care manages poverty relief programes in rural China, Gangsu. This is a story about a strong boy with a weak heart, and his loving mother. To learn more about LRS Care, please go here.]

Yuan Chang is a naughty 10 year old little boy. Doctors found out that he had congenital heart disease 6 days after he was born. As he was growing up, Yuan Chang had to be hospitalized and caused his family to worry a lot. He also has a sister who suffers from epilepsy. Their parents took her get treatment several times in Lan Zhou, but each treatment was ineffective, and after taking the drugs she still stayed in the same condition. The illness of these two children caused hardship for their family.
Unfortunately, something unpredictable happened in 2008. The engineering team of their father brought terrible news. Their father got in a quarrel with another working and was killed in a fight. After they heard this news, all them were cried. Although the children were very young, they understood how hard it would be without him.Their mother washed away their tears. It has been three years since, but every time their father’s death is spoken of, their mother would shed tears again.

The village changed over the years. Some rebuilt their houses. Their mother always said to the children, “if your father was still alive, we might have been able to live in a nicer home.” Every time Yuan Chang would answer, “don’t worry, when I grow up I will build up a new house for you.”

In fact, their mother’s greatest wish is to help the children heal their illness. But Yuan Chang’s disease has been delayed too long. His pulmonary hypertension has worsened. After several days of examination, doctors found his surgery at high risk advised them to go to Beijing for further examination. But their mother is not literate, and the surgery has cost too much. When she heard the surgery would be unable to take place, she started to cry again. Yuan Chang always playfully said to his mother, “why cry? I am doing fine right now.” She said to him, “If there is a way to heal your illness, only then will I not cry.”  His mother’s wish is simple but at the same time difficult. Let us gather our strength to help this helpless mom be strong. Let us make her wish come true.


Orginal Article translated by Shishi Ma, edited by intern Kaitlyn Cheung.


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