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 On August 17th, the Cui Yongyuan Foundation announced that 9 officials from Heilongjiang Province took on the identity of rural teachers to attend a rural teachers’ training class held by the foundation. Currently, these 9 imposters have been expelled from the premises, and the charges they incurred by attending the training have been returned to the foundation.


The director of the Cui Yongyuan Foundation, Cui Yongyuan himself, takes full responsibility for this matter, and says that it was their watches and cameras that tipped off his volunteers as to their true identity. Fortunately, he says, this matter was discovered internally before the media discovered it. This gave the foundation time to take care of and properly explain the matter to the public.


“As China’s non-profit sector is coming under a lot of scrutiny, we need to set a good example in our philanthropy work”, says the director. “Initially I just wanted the whole matter to blow over and be forgotten about, but I realised that this concerns the reputation of philanthropy as a whole, as well as the credibility of non-profit work.” This is why he made this would-be scandal public, and turned it into an example of honesty and transparency within the non-profit sector.

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