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Why the 2012 Volunteer Hours Sponsorship Program?

My Story: I have been a volunteer at COSI since I was 12, and have contributed a total of 1040+ hours. I chose to volunteer at COSI because I like science and I believe that science helps develop creative minds. COSI has allowed me to develop my leadership and professional skills through the many roles I have played throughout the years—I am currently a Lead Intern Volunteer. I am a senior at Bishop Watterson High School where I participate in Marching Band, Concert Band, Pep Band, Pit Orchestra and Jazz Band. Besides COSI, I have also volunteered at Clintonville’s Resource Center (CRC), Immaculate Conception Church, Nationwide Children’s Hospital Golf Invitational, Gracehaven, and school.

About the Program: This program sprung from a desire to increase my contributions to COSI. Given my limited spare time which seems to shrink by the minute as I prepare for college, this program is the answer to magnifying the impact of my volunteer efforts. This year’s program—its third year—will take place during the 2012 Camp-In season (January-May), for which I am scheduled to volunteer about 150 hours. All money raised through this program goes directly to COSI’s science education programs serving the children in Central Ohio.

How to Contribute: It is easy; just choose one of the following methods:
Donation per Volunteer Hour: You choose an amount you want to donate per each hour I volunteer. For example if you choose to donate $1/hour and I volunteer 150 hours, your total donation ends up being $150.
Donation per Volunteer Hour with a Cap: You choose an amount you want to donate per each hour I volunteer but you set up a maximum amount. For example if you choose to donate $1/hour with a cap of $150 and I volunteer 180 hours, your total donation ends up being $150, equivalent to 83¢/hour.
Flat Donation: Regardless of how many hours I volunteer, you set the amount of your donation. If you choose this option, you can send your donation to COSI at your convenience without having to wait for the program to end. You can send your donations to the address below noting that your donation is part of Michael Reasoner’s Volunteer Hours Sponsorship Program:

Abigail Rosenberger
Senior Director of Development
333 West Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Because COSI is a nonprofit organization, your donations are tax-deductible. If you choose to participate in this program, please check with your employer, as many employers have a matching gift program. If your contribution will be matched, please let me know so I can account it towards our goal.

The Goal: My goal for this year is to earn the current equivalent of the living wage for a family of four: $26.50 per hour. I appreciate any contribution toward this goal; no donation is too small.

At the end of the 2012 Camp-In season you'll receive a sponsorship package including: cover letter summarizing the results of the program, letter from my manager certifying my volunteering hours, donation form, and copy of your pledge.

Please consider sponsoring my volunteer hours and making this goal a reality for the benefit of the Central Ohio children.

Thank you in advance for your generosity,

Michael Reasoner

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1/2/2012 6:03 AM to 5/31/2012 7:03 AM


Michael Reasoner


Please feel free to contact me with your donation pledges via email at

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