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Community Development Interns

We are seeking for community development interns to work...


Kenya Voluntary & Community Development Project is a non-political, non-racial and non-profit making registered organization under the certificate number BON/S.H./4076. The organization spans across many issues all geared towards the interventions that improve quality of life in the Kenyan communities.
Increase the participation of beneficiaries in the planning and implementation of their initiatives in poverty alleviation and development activities such as economic infrastructure, health education, water supply and sanitation, agriculture and livestock production and environmental conservation.
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Reasons to Volunteer Abroad.

Ever got a feeling that you have a higher calling? You know that you have a special purpose on this planet earth? Infact if you had a chance, you would surely try to save the world or some part of it.
Volunteering is one way to make a difference in the world around us, volunteering is not for everyone its for those who really feel they can make a change in peoples lives and the surrounding environment, it demands for real commitment.
A. To see the world with a purpose. Some travelers are content partying their way around the world, looking for a more substantial experience. Volunteering not only gives the opportunity to give back ,it also gives you something to do, somewhere to go,somehere to stay and most importantly make and meet new friends.


Contact Info:

Ralph Bunche Road
PO BOX 4473-00200


Community Service and Volunteering

Secondary Focus:

Economic Development

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Skills Needed:

accounting, carpentry, clerical, computer training, cooking, editing, financial planning, fundraising, medical, nursing, public relations, public speaking, sales, special events planning, tutoring, typing, web page design, writing
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