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In cooperation with the USA Pavilion, the USC U.S.-China Institute will select 160 undergraduate ...

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Americans need to know much more about Asia's rich past and its dynamic present. Most states...

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US-China Today ( is a student-driven ...

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Deadlines for 2012 grant applications :
* For Grant Applications exceeding $1 million: J...


The U.S.-China relationship is the crucial bilateral relationship for the 21st century. The USC U.S.-China Institute aims to enchance understanding of this multidimensional relationship and important trends in contemporary China through cutting-edge social science research, innovative graduate and undergraduate training, extensive and influential public events, and professional development efforts.
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United States

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The USC U.S.-China Institute website ( offers a wealth of information about U.S.-China relations and contemporary China. There are video reports and presentations, news reports, key speeches, government documents, treaties, book and film reviews, and research abstracts, as well as news about fellowships, language programs, and China-related events across North America.
The Institute publishes a weekly enewsletter, Talking Points. You can subscribe for free at:

The Institute publishes three web magazines: US-China Today, AsiaMedia, and Asia Pacific Arts.

The Asia in the K-12 Curriculum section of the website supports the work of k-12 educators. There are a number of resources available there including a discussion forum and a monthly enewsletter. The newsletter offers reviews of print, video, and web resources, introduces new curriculum materials, and provides information about professional development opportunities.


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USC U.S. – China Institute
3535 S. Figueroa Street
FIG 202
Los Angeles, CA 90089-1262
United States of America

Phone 电话:1-213-821-4382
Fax 传真: 1-213-821-2382


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Economic Development

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