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The WPAU’s mission is to fight for Waste Pickers rights, lobby for the development of policies that shall improve infomal and undocumented workers' working conditions and advocating for rectification of waste pickers labor conditions. We work to expose the dangerous conditions under which we work with the big companies; lacking protective wear as the work is done by hand. We aim to provide for a platform to debate on garbage workers underpayment, imprudent medical attention and unarticulated work schedules. In the year 2008/2009, supported by the Norwegian Human rights Fund, WPAU embarked on a project to moblise membership, Human Rights Empowerment and Support to form peer groups. The project aimed at mobilizing and registering garbage pickers as members of the unio... (more)
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Many young people have been left homeless by mothers who die of AIDS. Mothers who have been living in slum areas without sustainable income. Miseries then continue up to the born child who does not find any available resources on earth in order to go to school and ending up with a demand to survive thus even before they attain working age they will either work in the sexwork industry or as waste pickers to be able to continue with life. These workplaces are informal, Informal workers experience poor working conditions, poor earnings and lack of legal protection. Some waste pickers have been born to AIDS infected mothers long before campaigns to stop the virus from entering the baby in the womb were stepped up, a big number of them are now grown up with HIV. And because of the prevailing stigma and lack of education, it is in the waste collection and disposal service where the disadvantaged boys, girls, women and men can work without pre-employment requirements. Visiting the dumpsite, you will get stunned by the age group and women in big numbers scavenging through the fatally stinking huge mountains of wastes for recyclable items, wastes full of oozing foul liquid mixed with fresh clinical blood which garbage trucks empty at the dumpsite. Sadly, the recyclable wastes are then sold off at an exploitative price to middlemen, who in turn resell them to the recycling industries; these middlemen claim the recyclable wastes are dirty and not well packed and the sale ‘estimates’ are usually judged with eye not by weight. When they complain, they are requested to provide their own weighing scale which they do not possess. Even those middlemen who turn up with scales, the weighing machines have already been tampered with. Profits are thus held by the middle dealers and there are no legal bonds between these middlemen and the Waste Pickers.

Furthermore, waste collectors skip lunch and have no available drinking water to manage their heavily demanding immune systems. And because of the fatally polluted atmosphere, even those who are not HIV positive require maintained nutritional support to cope up with the body’s demanding aspect to resist foreign intrusion. Waste pickers medical expenses rise due to frequent infections and lack of nutritional support. Savings if any will go down, victims miss work; money and time gets diverted from business towards the sickness. As they get extremely low income, which they cannot even save for relatively decent housing and other social expenses, some waste pickers take on picking and eating discarded inedible stuff; this makes people think they are insane. Casual work creates its own difficulties and challenges for the poor people involved in it whereas it plays a significant role for generating employment for a lot of people in poor countries. Achieving full and productive employment and decent work for all is an important target under the Millennium Development Goals. Supporting workers in the informal economy can contribute to increasing opportunities for people to earn their livelihoods and to eradicating poverty. The International Labour Organisation is jointly with the World Health Organisation leading a UN initiative to extend a basic set of social protection measures to all, referred to as the ‘basic social protection floor’ but there is still little hope for governments to adopt these. WPAU seeks to develop the Waste pickers’ work settings; upgrade the preparation and packaging of their recyclables for sale, teach them on savings and how to maintain savings, strengthen their bargaining power, unearth and overcome the problems that hinder the dreadfully poor Waste collectors from attaining sustainable increased income and quality livelihoods.

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Luwum Street
Namaganda Plaza, 4th floor room T13
P o Box 24146
tel::+256 392940897


Human Rights and Civil Liberties

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Housing and Homelessness

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fundraising, medical, web page design
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