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Asia America Initiative is an international non-profit organization based in Washington, DC with an extension branch in Manilla, Philippines that is dedicated to building peace, stability, and self-sustainability in conflict-torn regions of the Asia-Pacific through humanitarian assistance.

Our field programs, currently reaching 10 countries within the Asian continent, empower communities on the front line of terror to deter violence by building Hope through revitalizing education, health, and livelihood.

AAI partners with local and global NGOs to encourage people of varying cultural and religious backgrounds to work together for the benefit of the community.

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When: 4/30/2009 6:00 PM to 4/30/2011 6:00 PM
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In May 2009 a working visit by Asia America Initiative was conducted in Manila to expand the first Cancer Treatment for the Poor Program in Asia. The life saving partnership involves Albert Santoli and Rohaniza Sumndad of AAI, General Ben Dolorfino Commandant of the Philippines Marine Corps, with...

When: 6/11/2002 3:00 PM to 1/30/2011 3:00 PM
0 Supporters - led by AAI Intern - updated 7 year(s) ago
The Development for Peace in Sulu (DPIS) project was created in mid-2002 in the war torn Sulu Province in Muslim Mindanao by Asia America Initiative, as a model for grassroots development to establish sustainable peace in an area plagued by conflict and terror. Authorized by President Gloria Maca...

When: 6/21/2002 6:00 PM to 12/30/2010 6:00 PM
1 Supporters - led by AAI Intern - updated 7 year(s) ago
The Adopt a Classroom project for Jolo in Mindanao, Philippines is a joint collaboration between the Muslim Women Coalition, based in New Jersey, and the Asia America Initiative in Washington, D.C. This project is focused in Jolo, Sulu; the most impoverished area in the Philippines, located in Mu...



United States

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News and Updates:

AAI Interns Coordinate Emergency Relief

Developing future leaders is a key mission of Asia America Initiative. In September 2009, the northern Philippines, especially the capitol of Manila, was devastated with flood waters from Typhoon Ondoy. Entire neighborhoods were submerged and close to one million people were made homeless. Asia America Initiative, with the assistance from donor partners in the United States contributed close to 7 million dollars worth of flood relief, including water purification, medicines and nutritional supplements. Humanitarian relief in the disaster area was coordinated by AAI Philippines Director, Ms. Rohaniza Sumndad, in partnership with Filipino Government agencies, the Filipino Army and multiple NGOs. In Washington, AAI President Albert Santoli and a staff of international college interns organized the relief shipments.


Contact Info:

Washington DC Office
1523 16th St., NW
Washington, D.C. 20036
Telephone 202.232.7020
Fax 202.232.7023


Peace, War, and Conflict Resolution

Secondary Focus:

Community Building and Reneewal

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