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By laurenkam
  In less than 4 weeks, my mom, Grace Kam,and I will be journeying to Lanzhou, Gansu, to visit the hospital where Little Red Scarf helps children get surgery. There, we will meet heart surgery patients and their families and document their lives through blog posts and photography,...

By emilyturtles
Once again, my family and I were waiting in the car, urging silently for the red light to turn green so my sister could make it on time for skating. There was a man, a homeless man, standing on the side holding a battered cardboard sign that read "Please Help. Homeless and Hungry."...

By eastvillagers
  2014 EVSS Contest Results   Thank you for participating in the East Villagers Service Scholar Essay & Art Contest. We received hundreds of submissions this year, many of which were inspiring and captivating. This made the evaluation process very difficult, but in...

By raven
Ever since my premature birth at two pounds one ounce, I’ve had an incredibly strong desire to live.  Upon seeing my first blaringly white light in the hospital room, I started my fight for every breath, every thought.  Doctors declared that if I were able to survive, I wou...

By ebeissner
 Curious One I still remember eating curry in front of my family’s little three-channel television watching a woman give birth like it was the most natural thing in the world. When I came across the Discovery Health Channel, I felt like I had found the universe’s key to kn...

By therayascending
Habitat Education, Awareness, and Reconstruction Team (HEART) is a youth force program that provides environmental service learning opportunities through backyard habitat reconstruction, nest box installation, and invasive species removal. I founded HEART to educate youth about wildli...

By hillary
Please check out this video discussing Seven Days with HOW in 2013 by the Volunteer Immersion Program (VIP).  

By patricialutang
I was walking on Castro in Mountain View. Casually strolling. (Well, I was a bit mad. Didn’t find the scores I wanted. That’s a different story.) I was going to meet my mom and little sister at the bookstore.  When I arrived at the crosswalk adjacent to the bookstore, I w...

By hillary
Being involved in a charity makes you very aware of the importance of every cent you receive. It also makes you acutely aware of the difference a dollar can make in the right hands. That is why we are so grateful for every dollar we are gifted by generous donors and organisations and w...

By hillary
  Helping Orphans Worldwide, HOW Education For Life Program   Helping Orphans Worldwide, HOW and Free Hugs Vietnam volunteers are all amazing and have all donated their precious time and kind hearts to tutor the children at Binh Trieu Orphanage. These  wonder...

By hillary
     Helping Orphans Worldwide, HOW/Free Hugs Vietnam doing what we do with love      Hello summer! Finally it comes and seems like most children at the orphanage are waiting for nice holiday that they can relax some few days after long semes...

By KatieLan
 Since the release of the film Blackfish , Seaworld has found an immense drop in ticket sales and overall participation from the public, and with good reason. Available on Netflix, DVD, and a variety of video sourcing companies, Blackfish is a documentary that follows the contr...

By mayaroy
  Some of the most heartbreaking stories we hear are about children. Children often bear the brunt of tragedies like wars or natural disasters. When a group cannot speak up for themselves, it is the duty of larger institutions and groups to protect them, which is what the intern...

By KatieLan
 Recently, I made a post outlining the occurance of CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) and emphasized the importance of bees in our society. Today, I ask you to take action. The Environmental Protection Agency, despite all good reasoning, has been considering approving pesticides that...

By Okiallday
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East Villagers is designed to foster a proactive spirit of philanthropy among high school and college students. Our vision is to equip these students to become innovative leaders who pursue social justice within and beyond their communities.
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Our entire staff consists of all volunteers. And our mission is to provide hope and care to neglected, abandoned, and orphaned children in deprived areas of the world. Most of our current work focuses on the children of VietNam because after researching, we found that we are most needed there.
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