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By meganrhoby
My service projects, in the form of unpaid internships have helped me find myself by exploring a variety of interests. My work done at the nonprofit, Creative Action , as their summer photographer and teaching assistant has made a major impact on me. I learned about my love of wo...

By anhnguyen190398
           Those pictures were taken in my trip back to Vietnam in 2014.           The first picture was taken in the middle of the field in a rainy day. Me and my friends came to a small village and captured &...

By RachelRedbird9
My Community ServiceVolunteering is something I have always done. It never occurred to me that anyone would consider this admirable or noble. My high school requires each student to have completed at least sixty hours of community service. Apparently, some students wait to the second se...

By cswiecki
  Of all of the volunteer work I have done, my most long-standing effort has been with the Utica Boilermaker Road Race.  I can remember being four or five and filling up goodie bags for the runners.  I was the youngest volunteer in the warehouse and probably had the most...

By Hlthurston
Community Service Prompt #2                 Contemporary America has lost much of its sense of community. People today can’t tell a stranger from a neighbor at the grocery store becaus...

By sydneyfowler
   This past summer, after twenty-four hours traveling through eight time zones, I arrived in Swaziland, Africa. For years, I have been drawn to the idea of going to Swaziland with the non-profit organization, Beyond Survival. Our team planned to visit several Care Points, a...

By MathiasBackus
 I live in a small community in the Finger Lakes Region of New York state.  This is an area that is home to vineyards, orchards, and dairy farms.  My own father grew up on a small farm near our current home.  My first job was picking raspberries and tomatoes at a lo...

By yoocloo
  Community service is defined as   voluntary work intended to help people in a particular area. I do community service because it is my way of contributing to society in a positive way. Not only am I benefiting my community, but also, I myself have gained knowledge and ski...

By Newmember33
I’ve been fortunate in my life. My parents have supported me in my quest for an education. For example, in middle school when I went to my parents in a flood of tears because my school didn’t challenge me enough, they worked to fix the problem. We researched our options until we fou...

By AlexisSmith
  Eleanor Roosevelt, noted powerhouse for social justice said “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” To illuminate a pathway of hope and justice is my ultimate goal while pursuing a degree in Social Justice. My experience with Anne’s House (a s...

By wildcat2002
 Help Out The depiction of a tranquil home and a ruined home is captured inside two distinct human minds; we are one people living in one world which means that we must do all that we can to help it and each other. Therefore, it is each Homo sapien’s obligation to help thos...

By alexxx305
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Why should community service matter at all?   Community service is something t...

By Emilicis
  During the school year I enrolled in a school district program entitled Exploratory Experience which lasted for one semester. The class was described as providing a learning experience beyond the classroom that would enable the students to learn about careers in which the...

By Emilicis
  “Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations.” --Earl Nightingale Project Enybody is a city-sponsored youth committee with an objective to spread awareness around the Palo Alto community about the danger of cl...

By Emilicis
  NARRATOR WELCOME TO THE AMERICAN ANTEBELLUM SHOW! To kick off our show today, our drama radio broadcast is going to feature numerous entertaining segments for your enjoyment. We will have a manager from a Northern factory. NORTHERN FACTORY MANAGER Greetings, all! ...
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East Villagers is designed to foster a proactive spirit of philanthropy among high school and college students. Our vision is to equip these students to become innovative leaders who pursue social justice within and beyond their communities.
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Our entire staff consists of all volunteers. And our mission is to provide hope and care to neglected, abandoned, and orphaned children in deprived areas of the world. Most of our current work focuses on the children of VietNam because after researching, we found that we are most needed there.
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