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By zacharyd
ARTIST STATEMENT: Artistic Significance: Photography is a new hobby for me.   Capturing candid, genuine interactions between people is, to me, the most authentic and expressive form of art.   These photographs represent true relationships between people- t...

By scottgirdwood
 This summer I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Honduras on a mission trip sponsored by my church. I was one of two translators that traveled with the group of 15 volunteers. While there, I had an eye-opening experience. Human beings can be very different as far as ou...

By hannabr
    I took this photo when I was in Denver, Colorado, for a mission trip. Mission trips never fail to change my opinion about myself and the world around me. In Denver, we led a bible study in an impoverished neighborhood for children of all ages. I was a team leader and ...

By robnelsen
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Many of us have difficulties at an early age that affect our character and personality for...

By fierroaly
“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” When I first came across this quote, I had no idea that I would be able to relate to so many precious moments in my life. I first related this quote to myself. A part of my life when I felt lost, confus...

By tdeaton
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By dbb888
  During the summer before my junior year, I spent almost a week in the elementary school’s smallest playground.   Anyone who was passing by would have seen me digging and drawing in the playground sand alone.   To many this may seem like a strange way to spend o...

By Crossman1
The East Villagers Service Scholarship would help me achieve my educational and career goals by setting me on my path to become a fashion designer and an even better community leader. I am a 17 year old high school senior with very good academic performance, strong Christian belie...

By ashiebuq
  Most of my high school career I worked for a Harlem based non-profit organization called Community Healthcare Network. Within the organization they have Teens P.A.C.T (Positive Actions and Choices for Teens) a pregnancy prevention program that provides services to youth ages 10-...

By saintra
  It is important for people in general to give back to their communities. In the aspect of volunteerism and community service, it can be clearly seen that this is a way in which people can give back to a community.   I recently saw this quote that I really think express...

By iii100
Throughout my childhood, I always believed that helping others would make my community and even the world a more positive place, if not show others that I am a person who they could come to if they required my assistance. My community has significantly shaped my world view because my n...

By rickynext7071
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By joannadel19
               A call to perform community service rings after school.  Once each homework assignment is done, it is not a time to unwind, but a time to help those in need.  I am strong advocate of volunteering.  Assisting others i...

By rylan19
Volunteering as a defense attorney for the Lake County Teen Court Program has exposed me to a variety of unique situations and people that have molded me in to the person I am today. However, my interaction with one young man has truly changed the course of my life. During a Teen Cour...
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East Villagers is designed to foster a proactive spirit of philanthropy among high school and college students. Our vision is to equip these students to become innovative leaders who pursue social justice within and beyond their communities.
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Our entire staff consists of all volunteers. And our mission is to provide hope and care to neglected, abandoned, and orphaned children in deprived areas of the world. Most of our current work focuses on the children of VietNam because after researching, we found that we are most needed there.
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