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By luciajuanliu
Community services are important to everyone. Volunteering is a perfect way to “pay back” to the community. The community provides an important platform for sports, entertainment, education, and knowledge. The communities influence greatly on how one will turn out later in one’s l...

By KatieLan
One growing waste problem for America is electronic waste, particularly with cell phones. The problem with our post-consumer, materialistic society is that we are preoccupied with devices, and often don't consider the production and afterward environmental costs that goes into a cel ph...

By steffmilovic
  Community service to me is the epitome of what it means to share yourself -- your talents, strengths, identity -- with the world.  It is through service that we not only better ourselves morally, but strengthen our surroundings in a variety of positive, uplifting ways. &#...

By kylegalloway49
                 Community involvement, for me, has been all about growth and participation in things I wouldn't normally be a part of. Through my own volunteering I have met and interacted with a large range of people from environmentalists...

By bbrooke1021
I was four at the time. He was gone a lot. I never really saw him. He would leave for long periods of time; Montana for work, Colorado for an internship. Life carried on as usual in his absence, but upon his return, it stopped short, like a heart during cardiac arrest. His big orange tr...

By LaurenBerty
Long before I was born, my grandmother took in a foster child, my aunt Nancy. Our family was the third family she had been placed with and, thankfully, it was also the last. Despite her disadvantages as a young child and even though she struggled with school, Aunt Nancy went to college,...

By laurencook
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By KatieLan
For those of you who don't know me personally, you might not know about my utter joy and passion for the ocean. This is why you should care and love the ocean!      

By scasadevall
  Community service is much more than just taking time out of your day and doing something that you may be forced to do because of a school club or because your mom made you do it. Community service, to me, is being able to see the subtle change in those that you have helped; this...

By walthardk
  Chromosome 21 changed my life, and I believe in love at first sight. These two statements may seem unrelated, but for me, they weave together in a moment of time that placed me on my “path less traveled.” Imagine a typical Sunday morning, members of a church congregation ...

By kb46261
  East Villages Service Scholar Essay Contest  How and why is community service important to you? Share a personal volunteer experience and its significance in your life.    In the echoey concrete church basement where I held clinics; that’s ...

By shivam98
Shivam Patel Rutherford High School     Lets be honest here, I started to volunteer since I was in the 6 th grade, but I was doing this just to hang out with my friends who were in high school, it was a requirement for them to get 75 hours of service hours. But for me I ...

By jonathanso
             “Listen, you morons: just because this is a club does not mean it’ll be fun. Now, get to work,” I scolded my Robotics team. I imagined myself taking action to command these “morons" because it would have solved all of my problem...

By faithperkins
  Should not the giver be grateful the reciever received? is not giving a need? is not receiving, mercy?                              &...

By avchamp
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East Villagers is designed to foster a proactive spirit of philanthropy among high school and college students. Our vision is to equip these students to become innovative leaders who pursue social justice within and beyond their communities.
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Our entire staff consists of all volunteers. And our mission is to provide hope and care to neglected, abandoned, and orphaned children in deprived areas of the world. Most of our current work focuses on the children of VietNam because after researching, we found that we are most needed there.
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