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By jvanellekom
Giving back to the community seems like it would be an easy, obtainable goal, but becoming part of something and committing to it takes time, energy, effort, and determination. When I started my Freshman year of High School, I was told that it would be beneficial to accumulate over 10...

By yenquan
 Trở lại câu chuyện của em Phạm Bích Trăm.  Em vui mừng và cảm ơn nhà từ thiện cá trong đã giúp đỡ số tiền 1.000.000 đồng để em trang trãi trong việc học tập.  Gặp em phấn khởi khi được giúp đỡ, tôi cảm n...

By hillary
Fairy Tales in my heart! Author Nguyen Huynh Xuan Tram   Once upon the time, there was a child who grew up in a wealthy family, had her parents supply her with everything that she wanted. Therefore, the girl got anything she desired, and her dreams were no exception. Then,...

By tantai
                 Em tên mai thị thanh thơ, sinh ngày 23/01/2008, quê quán Tỉnh Đồng tháp. Em có biệt danh là " Bé hến " là tên chúng tôi đặt để kỹ niệm về tình yêu của chúa Giê xu dành cho em. Hến...

By rickynext7071
Friend,             When the car in Interstate Highway 280 struck and killed the girl from Woodside I was staring, quite blankly and bored, at the clock in my history classroom. My class was either taking notes or actively sn...

By crisscrossjess
  In October 2013, I decided to apply for the Genesee County Youth Court program. In truth, I was reluctant to apply. I had always had an interest in politics and the justice system; however, I was never really sure what the program was truly about. I heard it over the announcemen...

By AllisonZhang
The new EV Internship Team for 2014-15 is up and running! At the beginning of the fall fundraising campaign, our interns are actively participating in the campaign and completing EV tasks. We are all very excited for a new year working for East Villagers and Transparent Fish Fund! ...

By KatieLan
  On a global scale, 3.4 million people die to water-related illness per year. Much of this is accounted for the fact that most people don't have safe water to drink. As readers from America, it may be difficult to comprehend the idea of not having safe water to drink. We'v...

By tantai
    cảm ơn thầy,và nhà từ thiện cá trong đã giúp cho mái ấm tình thương lâm san số tiền là 700usd.nhờ số tiền đó các em được no đủ, các em rất vui mừng. cầu xin chúa ban phước nhiều trên gia đình thầy và nhà từ ...

By hillary
 #EB #Epidermolysis Bullosa Seminar in HCMC Vietnam: Thank you Transparent Fish Fund and Ping and Amy Chow Family Foundation!! A closer step to expand the knowledge to 160 doctors and nurses in HCMC Vietnam with Helping Orphans Worldwide, HOW thanks to HOW’s amazing volunteer...

By KatieLan
Why are bees disappearing? This is a question I am always happy to answer. As evident in my previous posts on this blog, I love bees. I feel like love is a bit of an understatement. With bees, it's so easy to learn to be passionate about them. From their biological enigmas to their hea...

By tantai
 “ Thằng bu “ tên thật là trần quốc hưng, sinh ngày 24/6/2008. em được 6 tuổi, em học lớp 1 Tên em đẹp và có ý nghĩa “ quốc hưng “ người làm cho đất nước thịnh vượng, văn minh, Giàu đẹp.   ...

By phuonggod
 Các bạn Cá Trong yêu quý, Mấy ngày nay tôi đang bị cảm sốt, người lúc nào cũng toát mồ hôi và mệt mỏi nhưng lòng thì thật là lo lắng cho bầy chiên người ê-Đê gồm có 1600 tín hữu tại Buôn Kroa B va...
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East Villagers is designed to foster a proactive spirit of philanthropy among high school and college students. Our vision is to equip these students to become innovative leaders who pursue social justice within and beyond their communities.
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Our entire staff consists of all volunteers. And our mission is to provide hope and care to neglected, abandoned, and orphaned children in deprived areas of the world. Most of our current work focuses on the children of VietNam because after researching, we found that we are most needed there.
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