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By laurenkam
  After lunch, we squished into a very small minivan that was supposed to seat 8, but they fit in 16 people! As we sped up the dirt road running through the mountains, we splashed through huge mud puddles and hit plenty of dips. We got off and then hiked up a dirt path, meeting ch...

By laurenkam
  Today, Yunyun took us for a trek to the countryside to visit Xiaowen, a LRS boy who received surgery about 2 months ago. The entire journey to our destination and back took about 12 hours. We left early in the morning, around   8:30 , and boarded a city bus that took u...

By laurenkam
  This morning, a lady from the minority group, Zang, arrived at the hospital and was immediately referred to Little Red Scarf by the doctor. Yunyun interviewed her and found out that she was 46 years old with 3 children. She and her husband own 16 acres of land, growing wheat, be...

By laurenkam
  At the hospital today, Yunyun interviewed a family for approval by LRS. At first, only a lady and her father entered the room, then when Yunyun asked the lady where her husband was, the lady went out and came back with him. She told us that she was 29 years old and started havin...

By hillary
Mircacles (warning, video is hard to watch) outcome is JOYOUS! Bauh Neeh’s Story. Updated August ’14 The first TRUE MIRACLE I HAVE EVER WITNESSED IN MY LIFE! Bauh Neeh’s Story Updated August ’14 Hillary’s Blog We have been closely following the progress of Bau...

By laurenkam
This morning, as Yunyun, my mom, and I approached the hospital entrance, I noticed a long trail of dried blood leading up to the door - yikes! The hospital was slightly less crowded, but we still took the stairs, instead of waiting for an elevator. As we neared the 6th floor, I saw a m...

By laurenkam
  The train reached Lanzhou around   7am . We found Yunyun at the office, and she took us to Lanzhou First University Hospital to see the LRS patient. We had been told that this hospital was the best one in the area for heart surgery, though from the dilapidated front, i...

By laurenkam
  Today, we went to check out the sand dunes (Ming Sha Mountain) and Crescent Lake. The weather wasn't the best - it was getting a bit windy and with each gust came a wave of sand. We purchased tickets, then climbed on camels to ride around the sand dunes. Riding a camel was simil...

By laurenkam
  After breakfast, we found the bus that would take us to the Mogao Caves. They pack the buses so full here; we sat on stools in the aisle. We purchased tickets to enter, then went to check out the museum since the English tour wasn't until   12noon . The museum's e...

By laurenkam
  Da Hongyan (Chloe) - Hongyan has been the shyest of all the kids, but one of the cutest.  Whenever we have group activities - games, crafts, lessons - she tends to back off a bit and not participate until one of the LRS staff (or her aunt) urges her. She's eight years old, ...

By laurenkam
  Today was the last day of the camp. We started the morning off with breakfast, then another recorder lesson. The kids managed to learn a total of 3 songs by the end of the lesson. Next, we pulled out the Scratch Magic ornaments (shaped like fish and dragons) and explained to the...

By laurenkam
  After breakfast, my mom and I began teaching the kids some English. Since the public schools here also teach some English, 6 out of 8 of them (the ones who attended school) already knew some phrases. Xiaozhun and Fangyan, the two oldest girls, who were in 8th and 7th grade respe...

By laurenkam
  I woke up around  6:30am  when the LRS camp kids started coming into the main room where my mom and I were sleeping. I was checking my emails when my mom whispered, "I think that's Hongyan right there behind you." Turning around, I saw a girl exactly like the one I...

By laurenkam
 At the Beijing airport right now, waiting for the next flight to Lanzhou , Gansu . We still have another 2.5 hour flight then an hour bus ride before we reach the Little Red Scarf office. When we arrive, the LRS staff will be holding a summer camp for post-surgery LRS chil...

By hillary
Another great day in the presence of dedicated volunteers with hearts of gold. By Milly Mazzei.   Two volunteers came to pick us up … Back on the bikes! I love it !They drove us to a new clinic set up in the grounds if a nearby church..It is an absolute oasis of tranqui...
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East Villagers is designed to foster a proactive spirit of philanthropy among high school and college students. Our vision is to equip these students to become innovative leaders who pursue social justice within and beyond their communities.
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Our entire staff consists of all volunteers. And our mission is to provide hope and care to neglected, abandoned, and orphaned children in deprived areas of the world. Most of our current work focuses on the children of VietNam because after researching, we found that we are most needed there.
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