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[Light of Love is a student organization dedicated to improving health and education for underprivileged populations in China. For more information about them, please visit here.]

In April, 26 new members joined Light of Love, which brought new blood to us. The team became larger and larger, including the 9 principal members that joined the team last year. In order to help members know each other well and enhance the cohesion of our team, we held a training themed “ice-breaking trip”. The training began with interactive games.

Before the activity, everyone needed to sign up and write his or her name on a sticker. Then they put the sticker on their left arms so others could see.

The first game was called “Name Relay.” The member needed to repeat other members’ names before him or her. The purpose of the game was to help members remember each others names and be familiar with each other. Finally with the help of each other, no one was punished. When the last member spoke out all the names of members before her, we all applauded for her excellent memory.

The second game was “Emotional Virus.” The game shows that a sad virus was easily infected by happy virus, and it is the same for happiness. Therefore we should have happy hearts and spread happiness to others.

The third game was “Hold Dreams for 10 Minutes.” We wrote down a dream on a piece of paper and lifted our arms with the dream paper for 10 minutes. The game helped the members understand that dreams are not just dreams in our mind, we need to fight and persevere for them. What’s more, when you feel tired, you will find you are not the only one on the way to your dream, you have teammates who you can you rely on and share the difficulty with you. The role of teammates is power of friendship.

The fourth game was called “stone to make soup.” The purpose of the game helps teammates know the personality and ideas of each other and enhance the communication between the old members and the new ones. Though we played the game many times, we had a different understanding about the game every time we played. Everyone’s idea was different with each other, so when we were listening to others, we learned a lot from them. We need learn from each other, and make progress together.

The last game, initiated by brother Chao was “driving blind cars.” One member pretended to be a car and closed his eyes, the other commanded his teammate and made sure that they would not run into other cars. When the game was over, members talked about their feelings and thoughts, which made the game more meaningful.

When all the games were over, we wrote down our wishes on the wish wall, which recorded our wishes for ourselves, our team and the children over there.

When the training was finished, a warm song named “The Best Future” came on. Though not everyone was familiar with this song, the devout attitude on everyone's faces touched me. Seeing their sincere faces,  I believe that Light of Love will have a bright future.

Original Article translated by Shishi Ma, edited by intern Kaitlyn Cheung.

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[Light of Love is a student organization dedicated to improving health and education for underprivileged populations in China. For more information about them, please visit here.]

On April 12, 2012, Nan Jing City Flower Temple Community Service center welcomed the representatives of the national civil public service to their observation.The Ministry of Civil Affairs Minister Li LiGuo, governor of Jiangsu province Li Xueyong, Nanjing Municipal Party Committee secretary Yang WeiZe, and other representatives came to visit and observe the site. Vice minister Jiang Li, discussed Light of Love’s "Young Old Romance" project, which was organized by student Dai Xianwei, and listened to the details. At the end, the executive director of One Foundation, Chinese Public Welfare Research Institute Executive Director, and the former Executive Chairman Miss Zhou all gave Dai Xianwei tips and guidance.

This conference served the purpose of providing a clear direction for implementing and developing a program to provide for uncared senior citizens, and also reflected my school's emphasis and focus on repaying society and obtaining a good reputation with the leaders of the country.



Original article translated my Shishi Ma, edited by intern Kaitlyn Cheung.


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 [Vertebral China (or Spine China) is a TFish Fund Friend member, established in March 2010. It helps provide disabled people with medical assitance. The following article is about a girl named Zhuo Hongqian and her condition. To learn more about this NGO, please click here.]

Zhuo Hongqian is from Yu Cheng City in Shandong province. Shortly after birth, she was abandoned by her parents and went to live with her struggling adoptive parents. The family lives by subsidies. Zhuo Hongqian has double hip dislocation, and after being abandoned by her parents she was unable to pay the medical treatment. As a result, she has suffered the pains all her life. Hongqian was raised by her grandmother but when she was 20 years old her grandmother passed away. This means that this girl who can't walk and is incontinent with bedsore has to depend upon herself. Chores in the eyes of ordinary people are simple but for her it is a very difficult task to accomplish, she has to climb to places where the wheelchair cannot pass. Her skin, because of long time friction and oppression developed into serious bedsores on her legs and hips and has decayed to the bone. She was in desperate need of treatment. From then on, Hongqian went on the road for help. After years of searching, she got help from the society. They put a catheter in her so that she could urinate properly. Although some good hearted people helped her, her condition continued to swallow her life. Zhuo Hongqian was also the recipient of Happy Giving association, but from the 2011-3-10 relief she only got RMB 2000 endowment, which was far from meeting her operation needs. Due to the urgent need to get bedsore treatment, the China Spinal Surgery Donation started to help. They had her put into a treatment project, and used various resources to try to save this bright but ill-fated girl. Last year, Zhuo Hongqian traveled with the China Spinal Surgery Donation to Wuxi for the
Barrier Free Traveling activity and the Chengdu Youth Leadership Training Camp. During participating in these activities she used her own wheelchair. It is difficult to imagine a paralyzed girl traveling so far away alone, but she accomplished it and with her own courage she touched everybody. In December of 2011, she went to Beijing for a checkup. The doctors told her she needed to receive treatment for her bedsore as soon as possible otherwise it could potentially  threaten her life. Hongqian’s problem was very serious, but with even with the donations she was far from meeting the operation costs. She got in touch with a traditional Chinese medicine doctor in Chengdu, and they decided to have Hongqian go to Chengdu to accept suggested conservative treatment using traditional Chinese medicine. In early March 2012, Hongqian went to Chengdu to accept treatment. Her life has settled down, we will continue to report further information on Hongqian and her treatment.

Original Article translated by Shishi Ma, edited by intern Kaitlyn Cheung.

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 [The Lotus Flower Cultural Welfare Center is a museum that provides activities and resources to help the children of the working class grow up in a positive and healthy environment. In the following article, a worker writes about the children who reguarly visit the center. To learn more about this NGO, please click here.]

The last few weeks due to partition, trainee meetings, and investigation, the museum was closed temporarily. At that time we told the children it would only take two weeks, but when two weeks had past it had only begun to obstruct. Today, during the leadership training, SL called asking when it would open. When I explained to him, he said, “why has it changed again change again!?”

Yes, why has it changed again? We promised the children two weeks, but it took a month. This is the promises adults make. We always forget to keep our promises. Why do children not trust adults? Probably because we don’t pay attention to these small details. Last week the birthday of PY was almost missed because of the business of the museum remodeling. Luckily, I called his mother and found out his birthday is on the lunar calendar, so it is not until March, I was relieved. When we speak to children we really need to be careful of what we promise!

However, today is a happy day. The children from The Dandelion Middle School  have finally set up their own volunteer group. Although they are far away from Tongzhou, and also are not particularly fitting with Daxing’s Two Trees Project, I still hope to give the children more opportunities to meet their desires. It is not easy that they have this good intention. I offer them praise from the bottom of my heart. It will also provide me with a great encouragement for my work.

Orginal Article translated by Shishi Ma, edited by intern Kaitlyn Cheung.


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[ Little Red Scarf Care manages poverty relief programes in rural China, Gangsu. This is a story about a strong boy with a weak heart, and his loving mother. To learn more about LRS Care, please go here.]

Yuan Chang is a naughty 10 year old little boy. Doctors found out that he had congenital heart disease 6 days after he was born. As he was growing up, Yuan Chang had to be hospitalized and caused his family to worry a lot. He also has a sister who suffers from epilepsy. Their parents took her get treatment several times in Lan Zhou, but each treatment was ineffective, and after taking the drugs she still stayed in the same condition. The illness of these two children caused hardship for their family.
Unfortunately, something unpredictable happened in 2008. The engineering team of their father brought terrible news. Their father got in a quarrel with another working and was killed in a fight. After they heard this news, all them were cried. Although the children were very young, they understood how hard it would be without him.Their mother washed away their tears. It has been three years since, but every time their father’s death is spoken of, their mother would shed tears again.

The village changed over the years. Some rebuilt their houses. Their mother always said to the children, “if your father was still alive, we might have been able to live in a nicer home.” Every time Yuan Chang would answer, “don’t worry, when I grow up I will build up a new house for you.”

In fact, their mother’s greatest wish is to help the children heal their illness. But Yuan Chang’s disease has been delayed too long. His pulmonary hypertension has worsened. After several days of examination, doctors found his surgery at high risk advised them to go to Beijing for further examination. But their mother is not literate, and the surgery has cost too much. When she heard the surgery would be unable to take place, she started to cry again. Yuan Chang always playfully said to his mother, “why cry? I am doing fine right now.” She said to him, “If there is a way to heal your illness, only then will I not cry.”  His mother’s wish is simple but at the same time difficult. Let us gather our strength to help this helpless mom be strong. Let us make her wish come true.


Orginal Article translated by Shishi Ma, edited by intern Kaitlyn Cheung.


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Original Article by Guan Tao:

Translated and edited by intern Kaitlyn Cheung.

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 [Mianzhu Family planned an event to serve the lonely and elderly people around their city on Chinese New Year. To learn more about Mianzhu Family and its projects, please go here for Chinese, or here for English.]

Background Information

The Spring Festival (aka Chinese New Year) is one of China’s most important holidays. It is a traditional that people have family gatherings, watch the Spring Festival Gala, eat, drink, and enjoy each other’s company. But the elderly and widowed that live alone are not able to carry out this joyful tradition. Mianzhu Family’s volunteers will solve this problem! We will act as their family and keep them company. We have planned a bountiful dinner on Chinese New Year Eve, and together, we will celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Dragon.


Invite 100 widowed/elderly individuals to the New Year’s Eve dinner


January 22nd, 2012


A nursing home or a rented location


100 widowed/elderly people

20 accompanying persons and department head of nursing home

40 volunteers

5 media reporters

5 health care securities


Organize groups and divide labor on 12/26/2011

Calculate number of people who fit with our conditions and according to the list determine final list of participants/guests on 1/10/2012

Contact venue

Contact chef and determine menu by 1/12/2012

Contact volunteers and drivers, who are responsible for looking after the guests

Purchase clothes and socks to be given as gifts by 1/20/2012

Decorate and create a festive atmosphere at the venue the day before the event

contact local health authorities and the police station to obtain their assistance


Event Agenda

8:00 PM

all volunteers will be assigned to their posts. One group of volunteer activities will put signs on the rented vehicles, and drive the vehicles to the homes of the guests. Another group of volunteers will greet the guests and sign them in.

Before 11:00 PM

One the guests arrive, the ones who are in need of hair dressing will be seen to by volunteers. The others will watch the prepared slidshow/video.

11:00 PM

An hour of cultural performances will be presented by the volunteers.

11:50 PM

Food is served by volunteers.

12:00 AM

Liu Hua Jin will give a toast and everybody will celebrate the arrival of the New Year.

12:05 AM

Banquet officially begins.

1:30 AM

Banquet will come to an end, gifts will be passed out.

2:00 AM

Guests are dropped back home by specific group of volunteers, remaining volunteers clean up the site.

3:00 AM

Event finishes.


Event Budget

12 tables and refreshments on each. 470 RMB.

50 volunteers, reporters, and health care securities total. 15 RMB/person for a bento. 750 RMB.

100 gift bags, each costing 50 RMB. Total 5000 RMB.

12 rented vehicles, each 100 RMB. Total 1200 RMB.

Car stickers/signs, name cards, decorations. Total 540 RMB.

Cost of renting venue, 100 RMB.

TOTAL: 14130


The volunteers entertain the guests with short performances.



A volunteer serves drinks.


Boxes are filled with the gift bags that contain new clothing and other necessities.

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[ Mianzhu Family’s service volunteer team is currently working on a project to help the elderly around them to live better lives. To learn more about Mianzhu Family please go to: ]

Mianzhu Family’s kind hearted volunteers have covered every corner of the city of Mianzhu, taking care of the elderly, providing them company, playing games with them, and doing chores for them. Through these activities we have slowly understood the necessities of the people we serve. To improve upon our service, during future visits we will play the role of their family, so they will feel more at home and less lonely. In order to provide them with a more comfortable standard of living, we are starting to visit their homes on a regular basis. Our activities include health check-ups, doing housework, hairdressing, increasing standard of personal hygiene and environmental welfare, birthday celebrations, providing every day products, washing/replacing clothes, shoes, and etc. From 2008 to 2011 we have served the single, elderly, and disabled. In 2012, our focus is to care for and help the lonely and financially unstable elderly. Also, twice every month, our warm-hearted team visits nursing homes and provides them with our service.

1) Purpose:  to use our loan and accomplish Mianzhu Family’s condolence visits, maintain the normal functioning of our institute, strengthen sector management, ensuring that every trip is planned for carefully, enabling our service to be of best quality.

2) Expectations: use the loan to financially support Mianzhu Family’s volunteer service for the first half of 2012, reducing the number of volunteers that must pay the fees needed themselves, in order to avoid disrupting their enthusiasm for public service.

3) Amount of loan: 3000 RMB, mainly used for funding trips

4) Key indicators:

4.1) Contacting Fees

a. Number of people employing: Main people, 1 (Mr. Liu responsible)

 Other people, 7-8 (Volunteers)

b. Number of times: 10 or more times/month (during the activity, informing)

Expense of 100 RMB/month

4.2) Transportation Fees

a. Mileage: 7-8 kilometers, around 10 people, total travel distance 70-80 kilometers

b. Fuel fees: 50 RMB/time

c. Number of trips: 5 or more/month

4.3) Printing Fees

a. Printing data: 50 RMB/month

b. Printing team management manual: 100 copies, each 3-5 RMB

c. Printing of health and maintenance records: Mainly to establish paper-based data

Current cost is 200 RMB. As we continue to print records for the elderly, the maintenance fees are expected to increase to 300 RMB by the end of 2012.

4.4) Dining Fees

a. 10 people dining/time

b. 10 RMB/meal

c. 2-3 times

4.5) Subsidy for Hardworking Volunteers

a. 7-8 volunteers

b. 25/person/year




Original article:

Original article written by Liu Hua Jin, translated and edited by intern Kaitlyn Cheung.