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 Hello fellow East Villagers. I'm adding my own personal answers to the questions that EV scholars will address at our conference in April.

Introduce yourself (age, grade, school, favorite subject in school, hobbies, what you do in your spare time). “Hi my name is …..”

My name is Karina. I am 21 years old and a senior at Emory University. My favorite course while in college has been Contemporary Chinese Politics. More generally speaking, however, I enjoy anything related to international relations and political science. I enjoy photography and film, and chase my family's new puppy around the neighborhood in my spare time.

When did you start the idea of doing community service? How did this all start?

Initially, I began volunteering because it was mandated by my high school in order to graduate. My passion for volunteering actually started when I went to China specifically to volunteer. I always loved playing with children, and I have a soft spot for orphans, so I decided to volunteer in orphanages for disabled orphans in China. Seeing the direct impact that my actions had on making the lives of the orphans a little brighter made me truly love volunteering.

Growing up, what are some of the events/reasons that lead you to see a need for this project?

Living in America, it seems that we are separated from many of the crises and disasters going on in the world. Furthermore, as young people, there is a stereotype that we are lazy, self-centered and materialistic. I hope that this conference will prove that at least some of the young people of today care about the problems happening in other countries.

What are you learning through the EVSS Internship so far?

I believe that I am learning a lot about leadership through this conference. Having to be prepared for each team meeting and organize conversation for an hour is a more difficult task than it seems. But I have a wonderful team and I think we're working together equally and successfully.

What are your future dreams in regards to helping others?

I want to live my life as someone who brings hope to others. My future career will most likely be in academia and research, and even though those areas seem a bit more distant from professions that directly help others like the medical profession, they do inspire hope in the future and future generations. I want to help others more practically in my everyday life. This is a continual process of molding my actions into being a person that I truly want to be.

If you were to say something to inspire your peers to do the same, what would it be?

Patience. It's so rare today, and it's a golden quality if you possess it.

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