Conference on Civil Society and Nonprofits in China at Harvard
Created: 6 year(s) ago
January 21-23, 2011
The Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations
The Belfer Building
79 John F. Kennedy Street (at the corner of Eliot Street and JFK Street)
Cambridge, MA 02138
Despite the surrounding legal and regulatory uncertainty, the nonprofit sector in China is growing at an unprecedented rate. By the end of 2010, registered nonprofits in China will number at about half a million, with millions more grassroots organizations operating outside the formal legal framework. The rise of the nonprofit sector contributes to the increasingly powerful role played by civil society in Chinese society.

Students of Chinese studies, pubic policy, and social sciences cannot afford losing sight of the social, political, cultural and career implications of the rising nonprofit sector and civil society in China.

This conference will convene leading scholars of China studies from the U.S. in jointly building a systematic understanding of the nonprofit sector. They will do so from the perspectives of history, public policy, political science, sociology, anthropology and law. The purpose of this meeting is purely exploratory, to reflect upon recent research, to examine key issues in the field, and to assemble a possible future teaching and research agenda.

Meanwhile, the conference has invited famous nonprofit leaders and scholars from China to share about the latest from the field in China.

Along with invited guests, this conference is open to the public with tickets while seats are available. The ticket fee will help offset meal and drink expenses during the two-day conference. Participants will be responsible for their own travel and lodging. To register and purchase tickets, please click the button below.

Tickets are limited, so act early!

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