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 Hao Yun, Grade 6 in Accenture Hope School 

When Hao Yun was in 5th Grade, she went to a Love Currency Transfer activity held at her school that emphasized the importance of service through action. Hao was the first in her class to try the activity. As the activity began, Hao looked for those who needed help, so that she might be able to show her love. Then, the opportunity came.

Once, when Hao was on a bus, an elderly lady with a cane got onto the bus, and stood beside her. Because the bus was so bumpy, the lady was not able to balance herself very well, and so Hao quickly gave up her seat. With a face gleaming with gratitude, the lady thanked her repeatedly, and Hao replied with modesty and pride saying, “You are welcome, it was only my duty to do so.”

In addition, another time, some students that were on duty were so busy training that they could not spare any time to do their own duty work. Hao wanted to show her love, so she not only did her own work, but also helped them finish their duty work too.

There have been many other occurrences like these. By the end of the activity, Hao did best with a grand total of 25 love currencies transferred, and won a Noah Learning Machine from Accenture.



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