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Ms. Zhou writes about her encounter with YingZi, a local directer of a women's organization in the SiChuan Province. Ms. Zhou focuses on psychological counseling for rural women. 


YingZi is the director of a women’s organization located in a village in Pengan County, Nanchong City, SiChuan Province. Ever since I’ve come to Nanchong, she has always been talking with me and getting to know me better. I really like and admire this peasant girl.

She is 38 years old, and has worked many hard years outside of her hometown. YingZi was also self-educated to earn an associate degree, and later establishing her own career.
She told me about her village, her family, her past, and her ideals: she has six brothers, each with his own dream; each one is the author of their own legendary life story of epic ups and downs. However, YingZi felt responsible for all the unfortunate things that happened at home. She talked about the subtle relationships at her husband's family, her husband’s poor childhood, and the pitiful, wandering days during his young adult years. She talked about her rural sisters and her folks. The majority of the people in the rural areas have constantly been suffering, and to make situations worse, nowadays, after they earn money from places outside of their hometown, they live drunken, gluttonous, gambling lifestyles without caring about their wives and kids. The wives and children are left with nothing and are forced to give up all hope. The village women quarrel and gossip with each other and when they unpleasant events happen they can even furiously curse at each other for three days and nights. She sees how much these people are suffering and wants to help them, but YingZi does not know what to do. This is where we come in.
The improvement of the GTP seems to have nothing to do with us. The government always claims to give more to the farmers, but I’ve never noticed any care from this society on a deeper level, as if these are things only people from the city can enjoy. “Over the years I have been thinking What can I do? Now I see you; I found the answer: Teacher Zhou, I'm going to do what you do to make my folks to live happy and purposefully. I want to teach them to read, and I want to guide them to properly educate their children. I hope men will learn the responsibility they have in the family, to be responsible to the wife and kids. I also hope that the sisters do not give up on themselves and waste their precious lives! "
The things that Yingzi said deeply moved me and made me see the hope. Isn’t coming to the rural area’s goal is to see people like her? There is a saying that the best salvation is self-help, and I believe that the Yingzi has that ability!
"I always have feelings for the land in which I grew up; I love the land, and I am distressed to see the barren land. I want to come back!"
"The years I spend of hard work outside is not to make money, not to escape, but to achieve a childhood dream. I like to help those who were widowed since a very young age, and regardless of what others think, I will help them to carry out their daily tasks. I think one day when I have enough money, I’ll build a nursing home in the village, so that the older people of our village can also enjoy their end stage of life like those who live in the city. "
She and I talked for a few hours. I helped her analyze her familial confusion, her marriage, her folks, provided her with some suggestions. I also said that the next time I come to Sichuan, I’ll certainly find time to visit her village, to help her make plans about educational activities of the villagers. When I was leaving, she said to me, tears streaming from her eyes, “Teacher Zhou, from now on, I am born again.” I like Yingzi and wish I could give her more support. She is the hope of the village.
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Story written by Ms. Zhou
Translated by ShiShi Ma
Edited by US Intern Kevin Mo
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