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Meng-Hsuan has passed his Ph.D. Qualifying Exam.
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Hennepin County Community Corrections and Rehabilitation , East Villagers
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My All Time Ranking is #40
Right Now, I'm a Village Medic
I currently have 4047 Action Points and 4047 total points.
has passed his Ph.D. Qualifying Exam.
Basic Information
First Name
Last Name
University of Minnesota (since 2009)
Stanford University (2004-2009)
Primary Language
Secondary Language
Age Group
Volunteer Portfolio
Since 04/01/2009 East Villagers
11/2005-06/13/2009 Down with Gravity
04/01/2005-05/13/2009 Running Club
Since 09/28/2004 Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
(Note: This list is sorted reverse chronologically. When the exact months could not be recalled, "Q1," "Q2," "Q3," and "Q4" are used to indicate the quarters of a year.)
04/12/2010 2010 DMD 5.10K Fun Run/Walk (5 km in 32 minutes 6 seconds)
11/06/2009 Leaf cleaning (number of bags of leaves cleaned by the whole group: about 45)
10/17/2009 Saving Second Base 5K Walk/Run (5 km in 33 minutes 30 seconds)
05/22-05/23/2009 Relay For Life (35 km walked)
05/17/2009 98th Bay to Breakers (12 km in 1 hour 27 minutes 34 seconds, ranked 8,168th)
05/09/2009 13th Annual Powwow Fun Run (5 km in 26 minutes 4 seconds, breaking my personal record which was just established 7 days ago)
05/05/2009 Food Stamp Challenge ($4 for lunch and dinner)
05/02/2009 Service Asia Concert
05/02/2009 4th Liveright 5K Run (5 km in 28 minutes 56.61 seconds, which was my personal best)
04/26/2009 Food Waste Competition
04/22/2009 Dumpster Dive (82 lbs of waste categorized by about 5 people)
04/21/2009 Be Hope to Her
04/05/2009 10th Annual Run for Zimbabwe Orphans (1 mile in 8 minutes 18.95 seconds, ranked 18th out of 29 in High School & Post HS Giraffes mile division)
03/28/2009 Earth Hour
02/14-02/15/2009 Dance Marathon (70,270 steps danced)
01/30/2009 Climb for Kids (maximum number of consecutive steps climbed: 5)
11/20/2008 Dumpster Dive (192.1 lbs of waste categorized by 9 people)
10/12/2008 23rd Theta Breakers (5 km in 32 minutes 42 seconds, ranked 86th out of 128)
Q4 2008 Save Lids to Save Lives (11 lids collected)
Since 05/28/2008 Project Peace Crane
11/2007-12/2007 Probable prime search (largest PRP found: 2^36,537+3^36,537+5^36,537+7^36,537+11^36,537+13^36,537+17^36,537+19^36,537, with 46,722 digits)
Since Q3 2007 EcologyFund (26,000+ sq. ft. saved as of 04/19/2009)
06/16/2007 Black Graduation
05/19-05/20/2007 Relay For Life (31 km walked)
05/12/2007 Hunger Banquet
05/12/2007 Lunch with vagrants
04/07/2007 Seedlings planting at Community Farm
Since 04/01/2007 Live the Change and Walk Out! (1,200+ miles walked as of 04/18/2009)
Since 02/2007 click donations (3,000+ clicks as of 04/01/2009)
02/10-02/11/2007 Dance Marathon (~23,000 steps danced)
10/21/2006 Habitat for Humanity Home Run (5 km in 30 minutes 5 seconds, ranked 226th out of 427)
10/06/2006 Full Moon on the Quad cleaning up (333 pieces of garbage cleaned)
Since Q4 2006 The Hunger Site click donation (1,600+ clicks in 6 categories as of 04/09/2009)
02/15-03/08/2006 FMO Project (13 photos examined)
05/18/2004 Mathematical document typing (Software used: Microsoft Word)
Since 03/09/2004 Project Gutenberg Distributed Proofreaders (77 pages proofread as of 06/01/2005)
11/11/2003 Taipei City High School Science Contest (as a volunteer)
Q1-Q2 2002 ClickWorkers project by NASA (300 craters counted)
Since 08/20/2001 Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search
02/23/2000 Textbook distribution (Mistakes made: a few)
06/02/1999 Park cleaning at Donghe Park, Taipei, Taiwan (altitude: 23–66 m (75–217 ft))
Skills Offered
computer training, driving, special events planning, typing Please State C++, Excel, LaTeX, Matlab, Mathematica, R, Sage, other
Contact Information
Minneapolis, MN
Instant Messenger
Screenname:, MSN
About Me
coin collecting, jogging, bowling, singing, puzzle solving, Rubik's cube, cross-stitching, crocheting
Prime numbers, elliptic curve factorization, lottery, asteroids, skyscrapers, Esperanto, Google Earth
I Like
On-Line Encyc. of Integer Seq., Plouffe's Inverter
Psalm 119
Powers of Ten, Madagascar, Shrek 2
Bible,Every Young Man's Battle,Walking Twin Cities
Euler's identity (e^(iπ)+1=0)
Fermat's little theorem (a^p ≡ a (mod p) for all prime p and integer a)
Machin's formula (π = 16 arctan(1 / 5) - 4 arctan (1 / 239))
Quartic discriminant (D = 16p^4 r - 4p^3 q^2 - 128p^2 r^2 + 144pq^2 r - 27q^4 + 256r^3)
Stirling's approximation (n! ~ sqrt(2πn) (n / e)^n)
About Me
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This is a list of my runs with distances 10,000 m (6.214 miles) or greater.  Currently, there are 24 entries in the main ...
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This article documents a current event. Information may change rapidly as the event progresses. ...
Posted: 6 year(s) ago
This article documents a current event. Information may change rapidly as the event progresses. ...
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